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2014 - 2015


associates degree in general studies from harper college

After graduating highschool in 2010, I spent 2 years getting my associates degree in general studies at a Community College near where I live. I got my associates degree with a 3.6 g.p.a.

tealeaf academy ( currently called launchschool ) Ruby course


In late fall of 2013 I attended Tealeaf Academy ( currently called Launchschool ), an online bootcamp for Ruby and Rails. The course required around 40 hours a week and took around 9 months to complete. This was my first introduction to programming, and in particular OO programming.

thinkful frontend development


In late fall of 2014 I took an online course on https://www.thinkful.com/. The course cover UI design, HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript/jQuery. Taking the class, I felt I already had a decent grasp on all of the topics covered. But fortifying what I felt I already knew could only be benificial. You can never have too much practice with the fundamentals.

mongodb 101 for NodeJS Developers


Free course taken in fall of 2015. Course was offered by https://www.mongodb.com/, the creators of MongoDB. The course took 8 weeks to complete, taking ~ 20 hours per week. Some of the course material went a little over my head, such as Agrigation, but overall I left like I had learned a lot from this course.

( image ) Certificate
( image ) Grade - 90%

Self learning

Over the last 2-3 years of learning how to write code, much of my progress has been self-taught along with suplementary learning material, weather that be paid resources or online tutorials. During the beginning of my learning experience, writing code was difficult and slow. As I have progressed, I feel I can pick up new tools and techniques with much more ease.

Coding Dojo

In the winter of 2016 until the spring of 2017 I attended Coding Dojo located in Bellevue, WA. At Coding Dojo I strengthed my skills in algorithms, learned Fullstack Python, C#/.NET core, and MEAN. I achieved a 'Blackbelt' (9.5+/10) on each stacks final exam, which was to build and deploy an application from a wireframe within 4.5 hours.